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Mechanical engineering sheet steel

Pre-annealed sheet steel


Fields of use

TOOLOX is used if there are particularly high demands on dimensional stability, strength, hardness, toughness, temperature resistance (up to 590°C) and purity of the steel in mechanical engineering.


TOOLOX is a modern, annealed tool and structural steel with measured and guaranteed mechanical properties. Its very good workability, combined with outstanding mechanical properties, makes it possible to save time during production. The basis for these properties is the metallurgic concept, which is based on a low carbon content and low alloy proportion.


TOOLOX is a steel, which is hard and tough at the same time and can be used without any further heat treatment. It is very dimensionally-stable and can be used without further heat treatment (e.g. can avoid additional heat treatment with tight tolerances thanks to its outstanding mechanical properties).

TOOLOX can be welded successfully when following the recommended procedure.

Mechanical processing:
TOOLOX can be processed very successfully when the recommended parameters are complied with.

Polishing and etching:
TOOLOX is a very homogenous material with properties like an ESR steel (electro-slag remelting process). For this reason, it is very well suited to photoetching and polishing. Polishing and etching are used in tool construction, for example. Here, the form defines the surface of the plastic component, smooth, shiny, furnished with a structure, etc.

Product offers from Stahl-Contor from the Embrach service centre

Dimensions off the shelfTypical applications
TOOLOX 33+QT5mm to 130mmAs a replacement for 42CrMo4,
1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2738
TOOLOX 44+QT14mm to 130mmConsumable parts which are exposed to an operating temperature of < 590°C, stop bars, guardrails, etc.


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