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Welded tubes

Welded tubes made of heat-treated sheets

Fields of use

WR Tubes = Wear Resistant Tubes for the delivery of gravel, ballast, stones through tubes into gravel quarries, etc.
HR Tubes = High Temperature Tubes for the delivery of hot materials or use in an environment with increased temperatures up to 590°C and simultaneous resistance against wear.


WR Tubes
WR Tubes are manufactured from hardened wear plates with the Brinell hardness of 450HB. The plates are lasered, trimmed and only welded with a longitudinal seal (single-V weld, MAG through welded). Any possible transverse joints (depending on the material availability) are welded using laser melting without any additional materials.
HR Tubes
HR Tubes are manufactured from pre-hardened TOOLOX mechanical engineering steel sheets. Toolox is available in the formats of TOOLOX 33 (Brinell hardness approx. 300HBW) and Toolox 44 (Brinell hardness approx. 430HBW). In comparison with wear plates, TOOLOX can be used up to 590°C without the mechanical values being majorly changed.


All tubes are available without flanges, with bolted flanges (DIN2576) or with loose flanges (DIN2642).
Circularity tolerances: +/-2mm
Deflection tolerances: 1mm/m
WR Tubes
Longitudinal seam-welded, wear-resistant tubes
Material: Wear plates with the hardness of 450HB

Up to thickness of 8mmMax. length 12mDiameter >250mm
Up to thickness of 10 mmMax. length 12mDiameter >300mm

HR Tubes
Longitudinal seam-welded, heat-resistant up to 590°C and wear-resistant tubes
Material: TOOLOX 33 or TOOLOX 44, depending on the wear stress

Up to thickness of 8mmMax. length 12 mDiameter >250mm
Up to thickness of 10 mmMax. length 12 mDiameter >300mm


Product offers from Stahl-Contor AG

All tubes are manufactured to dimension for the specific customer by Ferro Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. Stahl-Contor is happy to help you choose the material and take measurements for your specific application.


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