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Thermally cut parts

Fields of use

Profile blanks for various materials and uses in machine, plant and steel construction. Depending on the material, parts from a thickness of 3 to 200mm thickness with a width of up to 3000mm can be cut and supplied ex works. The operating range in this length is up to 50 metres; the parts’ length depends on the standard panel formats in the warehouse.


Autogenous oxygen cutting
The parts are cut on state-of-the-art gantry-style cutting machines. This procedure is used to cut most of the steels used in machine and plant construction. Autogenous cutting technology is used for sheet thicknesses from 8 to 500mm.

Operating range:
Max. length: 64,000mm
Max. width: 6,300mm
Thickness range: 8mm to 500mm

Microplasma cutting
With microplasma cutting, the heat applied to the cutting edge is lower, which really reduces the thermal deformation, especially for long and slimline components. For plate thicknesses up to 6mm, this is the only procedure that is used. For thicker plates up to 40mm, it is used depending on the technical requirement.
In comparison to autogenous cutting technology, heat-resistant and rust-free steels and nonferrous metals can also be processed using microplasma cutting. The cutting quality is comparable to that of laser cutting.

Operating range:
Max. length: 50,000mm
Max. width: 4,200mm
Thickness range: 1mm to 40mm

Heat treatment

The following heat treatments can be carried out: Stress relief annealing, normalising and other heat treatment processes in accordance with freely-programmable temperature-time curves.

Oven capacity:
Length: 6,500mm
Width: 3,000mm
Height: 2,000mm
Max. loading: 60 tonnes
Max. unit weight: 25 tonnes
Temperature: up to 950°C

Surface treatment

To prepare surfaces for subsequent processing or for the descaling and derusting of plates, blanks and other component made of steel, three systems are available for use:
- Throughput centrifugal blasting machine for plates and blanks up to 3m in width and 500mm in thickness
- Rubber belt tumble blasting machine for small parts and bulk materials
- Blast room to process complex component and blanks.

Working format:
Room: 6x4x4m
Working format: 4x2m
Bearing load: 10 tonnes


To cut constructive bevels or welding bevels, a CNC cutting robot is available together with a rotating torch suspension. The bevels can be burnt up to a cutting depth of 300mm. To guarantee exact compliance of the bevel geometry, the workpiece edge is monitored during the cutting process by a laser camera. The bevels can be cut with a constant or adjustable angle to any contours.

Working format:
Work surface: 6x2m to thickness of 500mm
Bevel depth: max. 300mm
Rest at peaks: approx. every 200mm


To achieve the highest demands for flatness demanded of sheet metal parts, a hydraulic gantry-style straightening press with a 1,000 tonne directional force is available.
Working format:
Width: 5m
Layer: 8 x 3m
Press capacity: 1,000 tonnes


The flame-cut blanks are supplied free from flame cutting slag. If required, the cutting edge can be cut mechanically or manually.

Restamping, US testing, labelling

Restamping for plates with APZ 3.1 (licence by TÜV Austria Services GmbH). Internal ultrasound tests can be offered.
On request, all blanks can be labelled, hard-stamped or marked.

Material characteristics


QualityWorks numberWidth toThicknesses
Unalloyed structural steel
S235JR1.00383,000mm1 - 200mm
S355Bramme3,000mm80 – 500mm
S355J2+N1.05773,000mm3 – 400mm
Creep-resistant steel
P265GH1.04252,500mm5 – 100mm
Fine-grained structural steel
S355MC1.09763,000mm3 – 20mm
S690QL1.89283,000mm4 – 150mm
Quenched and tempered steel
C451.05032,500mm6 – 200mm
42CrMo41.72252,500mm10 – 200mm
Carburizing steel
16MnCr51.71312,500mm10 – 100mm
20MnCr51.71472,500mm10 – 100mm


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