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Water-jet cutting

For the individual and series finishing of unfinished goods and components made from stainless steel from drafts, drawings or CD-Files, we have at our disposal one of the most modern and largest 5-axis water-jet cutting systems in Switzerland with a large format supporting surface area of 3,010 x 8,500mm. This enables the processing of up to 150mm thick stainless steel sheets. The output pressure of over 4,200bar guarantees material sparing processing and the highest precision.
The cold-cutting process is implemented when other processes are not adequate or imply too high an effort, e.g. where the laser catches on borders.

Application areas

Water-jet cutting is the most economic process when the following requirements are demanded:

  • No heat influence on the cutting surfaces
  • Burr-free work pieces
  • Complex final contours, which should not be further processed.
  • High demands regarding precision and surface quality.
  • Thicknesses can no longer be processed with stamping and nippeling.


Process specific advantages


  • No heat influence on the cutting area, e.g. no micro-structural changes, no anodising of aluminium.
  • No poisonous fumes when cutting plastics.
  • Environmentally friendly technology, no hazardous waste.
  • Highest precision, with tolerance of <0,1mm possible.
  • Precise cutting of contours, e.g. curves, circles, slots, holes, elongated holes, figures, oblique shapes, screw holes etc.
  • All materials can be processed apart from reinforced glass.


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